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Paul Mitchell kick started as a company back in 1980, two friends (John Paul Dejoria & Paul Mitchell) created three revolutionary hair care product, the rest is history.

Paul Mitchell have a strict NO TESTING ON ANIMALS policy - they never have and never will! They also incorporate natural ingredients into their products such as bees wax, rice milk and cotton seed oil which can be found in the colour range. Awapuhi, plant extracts, lavender, mint, rosemary extract, wheat germ oil, lemon juice and coconut extracts can also be found in a number of styling products.

The Super Strong Range

Super Strong range helps re-build, protect and shine. (perfect for those blondes who can't get enough of bleach) 

The Flexible Style Range

The Flexible range does exactly what it say's on the bottle. Creating flexible styling to avoid that rock hard over load of product look 

The Colour Care Range

Jeans may fade but hair colour shouldn't. Harness the power of sunflower extract for longer lasting hair colour. Helps protect  against sun damage, infuses shine for vibrant healthy looking hair 

The Collection

The Super Skinny Range

The Super Skinny Range cuts blow drying time almost in half! Targeting clients with thick porous hair that holds in a lot of water 

The Original Range

The Original collection is mainly used for all hair types. Get hair into shape by balancing moisture levels, preventing dryness and improving texture

The Instant Moisture Range 

The Instant Moisture range idulge in lightweight conditioners that help hydrate and revive dry hair

The Express Style Range

Round Trip (abobe on theright ) - Ready for rapid curls? Save valuable morning minutes through reduced dry time and defined waves, adds lightweight detail and flexible hold to curly or wavy hair types 

The Extra-Body Range

Cake for hair! The Extra-Body range targeting limp and fine haired clients, these products are designed to thicken and add body

The Firm Style Range

Whether you use the wax or the hair spray The Firm  range will give your style 'super hero' hold with memory. 

The Soft Style Range 

Here at Pure Design we sell two of the products out of the Soft Style range. The Heat Seal- a humidity resistant spray and the Foaming Pommade - a texture polish helping to take control with minimal effort

The Platinum Range

Whether you're Blonde, grey or white protect your platinum colour and help make natural or colour-treated hair sparkle. Banish brassiness!

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